HADEAN | Hadean
Hadean is a publisher of books dealing with culture, philosophy, esoterica, and spiritual traditions. Hadean also sells books, sterling silver, gemstones, and other unusual items.
publishing, retail, books, jewellery
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Hadean is currently undergoing construction.

Spiritual Traditions

  • Juleigh Howard-Hobson With their intricately wrought designs and deepset colors, Ukrainian Psanky eggs are as fascinating as they are lovely. Pronounced “peh-san-keh”, these decorated eggs are considered Easter Eggs these days, and/or seen as examples of Eastern European folk art by collectors and tourists alike. But Psanky (singular Psanka) are far more numinous than that. Psanky have roots that stretch far back to Ancient European pagan spirituality. Indeed, traces of Trypillian symbology (Neolithic Era) can be still seen in many Psanka designs. Although best known, Ukraine is not unique in its indigenous European egg decorating. From the Polish pisanka, over to the Hungarian hímestoj...

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