swiss blue topaz

Our jewellery has been sourced from a variety of regions across the globe. Some of our products have been hand-crafted in Australia. Other items have been sourced from India or Tibet. All products stocked by us are natural gemstones unless stated otherwise.

We personally source our jewellery to provide the best product at the lowest price, undercutting recommended retail prices by as much as 50-90%.

The majority of our jewellery is made of sterling silver (925), with the exception of products using Tibetan silver, silver plated, or an alloy. Unless stated otherwise, all gemstones are natural, not synthetic or imitations. Please refer to the individual product listings to check which form of metal has been used.

Some of our jewellery are single quantity designs only and have limited availability.

At the present time we have new necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings in stock.

Jewellery is currently only available for purchase within Australia.