iolite silver necklace

Iolite Necklace

$39.95 exc. GST

Iolite necklace set in Sterling Silver overlay.

The name iolite comes from ios, the Greek word for violet. Iolite is commonly known as “water sapphire” in its deep blue sapphire color. Iolite is pleochroic – meaning it transmits light differently when viewed from different directions. The Vikings made iolite’s pleochroism a virtue by using thin slices of the stone as a light polarizer to navigate their trips. By observing the sky through iolites, the Viking navigators were able to locate the exact position of the sun on overcast days. Iolite does what a Polaroid does – it cancels out haze, mist, and clouds to make things appear clearer. In fact, the stone has been called the “Viking’s Compass.”

The metal is sterling silver overlay. Silver overlay is a uses a process of adding a thick layer of silver over the base metal and is more durable and more attractive than silver plated products. It has the appearance of solid sterling at a reduced cost but will far out last plated products.

Weight: 36 Gms

Length: 18 “

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