obsidian sphere

Rainbow Obsidian Sphere

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The first known archaeological evidence of usage was in Kariandusi and other sites of the Acheulian age (beginning 1.5 million years BP) dated 700,000 BC, although the number of objects found at these sites were very low relative to the Neolithic. The Ancient Egyptians used obsidian imported from the eastern Mediterranean and southern Red Sea regions.

Pre-Columbian Mesoamericans’ use of obsidian was extensive and sophisticated; including carved and worked obsidian for tools and decorative objects. To the Aztecs, obsidian was a divine stone, thought to be a form of blood originating from deep in the earth. It was sacred to the god Tezcatlipoca (“Smoking Mirror”), who presided over magic, divination, the night sky, and ancestral memory.

John Dee devoted most of his life to Hermetic Philosophy, Alchemy and Divination. It is believed that he would use black obsidian for scrying and divination.

Black obsidian is regarded by many as the superior tool for scrying practice.

Size: 7cm diameter.

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