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Transparent Bodies

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“AURE is a tapestry of brilliance, and J. Karl Bogartte, a wordsmith of the first water. His exquisite, eloquent and evocative language sings off the page, simultaneously seducing and challenging the reader in the most alluring way.” -Dire McCain (Paraphilia Magazine)

Transparent Bodies brings together four books of poetic fragments, Primal Numbers, A Curious Night For A Double Eclipse, AurE and The Spindle’s Arc. Steeped in myth-making and alchemical conjuration, but always from that vantage point between the real and the imaginary, these writings are involved in transforming the usual way of apprehending a given reality in a dreamlike language of images that engage in subtle, sometimes violent, but always magical confrontations, between the physical and the philosophical. Life and thought blending in a more desirable and analogical way. Informed by ceremony and ritual, magic and the occult, alchemy and surrealism, in a way that is less about and more through their windows, these speculations form moments of an almost hallucinatory interplay of being and landscape that is at once ambiguous and primal; an otherness, in other words, attempting the act of being transparent and seeing through the surface of things and beings.

Aphoristic in nature, however unusual, fragments of passing thought and spontaneous impressions, and evolving out of what the French call Les Petits poEmes en prose, these writings are essentially a thought process, a form of thinking that attempts to either resurrect or transcend the domain of logical expression. The hidden intruding into everyday consciousness, like that sense of something important having occurred upon waking from a dream and remembering nothing…. This is a poetry of exploration and speculation, delving into the deepest recesses of the mind, its surroundings, and aspirations.

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