Seeking the Numinous? Hunting the Manticore?

Did you wonder where Numen Books went? Or did you lose track of the elusive Manticore Press? Rest in peace – your quest is over. Hadean Pty Ltd was incorporated in April 2017 as a merger of Numen Books, Manticore Press, and our eBay shop front. 

As result of this incorporation, all products (books, music, jewellery, & imports) will now be distributed via Hadean Pty Ltd. Future publications will now be under the new  label also. The new website is almost complete, but there are some new features which are currently still under construction, and the shopping cart will be offline until mid-May. We look forward to working with you and value our loyal customers. We trust that you bear with us through this period of transition. 

All of our websites, accounts, and pages are currently being updated to point to this website. Unfortunately, Facebook (as usual) is well and truly behind times with the process and their page details for this business are currently incorrect.

Also please do not confuse us with the occultist publisher ‘Hadean Press’ who we have recently discovered has a similar name to ours. We are Hadean Pty Ltd – a corporation, not a business. Hadean Pty Ltd is a registered Australian company. We do not deal with ‘occult’ books – only religious and spiritual traditions.

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