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Structural Alterations

Hadean Black

The structural alterations to the website and business configurations are now almost complete. These include a few important updates, some of which we addressed earlier.

Firstly, the name change of the website. Primarily this had to be changed in order for us to incorporate. Unfortunately our original name of ‘Numen’ was already registered in Australia and therefore a new one had to be selected, which was available in Australia. After perusing a few alternatives, the current name was selected as it was unregistered in Australia and there was no business in our country with a similar name.

We have since expanded on this, and have also purchased Hadean Black (which as you may note, is also our website address with the .black extension) and Manticore Press. Previously, Manticore Press operated as an imprint of Numen Books – the situation is now reversed, and Numen Books will now function as an imprint of Manticore. This has also been done to reflect a shift of impetus towards more philosophical works and traditional teachings.

Furthermore, an expansion of this website into retail is also planned, in collaboration with other like minded publishers, and authors who we shall be stocking, along with other products which we have arranged in India, Europe, and Asia.

At this point however, we will only be shipping within in Australia.

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