Hadean is always keen to receive manuscripts from authors and we welcome new writers who have just completed their first book. We do have some guidelines for content and formatting though and before you submit your manuscript it’s important to ensure it’s suitability for print.

We will be accepting manuscripts again in August 2017. At the present time, we are not accepting manuscripts.

We are especially interested in manuscripts on the following topics:

  • Culture
  • History
  • Mythology
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Hinduism
  • Paganism/Heathenism
  • Buddhism
  • Shamanic or Indigenous/Folk Traditions

Before you send us your manuscript there a few other factors to consider in terms of formatting.

Please note that all translations must be legible in English and automated software translations will be rejected.


For stand-alone publishing projects we require a minimum page amount of 48 pages. Otherwise, the book is not large enough to bind correctly. In terms of word count this is around 30,000. Our preferred minimum length for a book is 60,000 words.

The maximum size for a book is 600 pages. For books larger than this we recommend splitting them into two titles or using a hardback format as opposed to paperback.

The manuscript must be in Microsoft Word format or a made by a compatible program such as Open Office.

The book must also be an original work and fully edited. All books are to be in English. Please do not submit manuscripts which have not been thoroughly proofread as they will be rejected automatically.

Authors writing or translating material must ensure that the translation conforms with English grammar rules. Manuscripts with incorrect capitalisation and/or syntax will not be accepted. Translations must be professionally edited.


Articles in anthologies have a preferred minimum size of 5,000 words with a maximum amount of 20,000. The preferred format is also Microsoft Word or a compatible program such as Open Office.

When content for anthologies are selected the decision to publish it is made by the respective editor and the staff at Hadean play no role in the selection of content. We accept anthology submissions via the website and then forward them to the appropriate editor(s) for approval.

Please contact us by email if you are interested in submitting a manuscript.